New Subscribers

When you sign up to use CasePortal as a new subscriber, we automatically create a firm and an office for your account.

Your firm name is your company name. Your office name may be called anything you like.

You can have more than one office (subject to the limitations of your pricing plan), but you must have at least one office.

The diagram above illustrates the relationship between firms and offices, which applies to all subscriber accounts.

Most subscribers like to name their offices geographically. For example [Firm Name] - Los Angeles.

Companies with distributed workforces or centralized business functions may prefer to use a departmental approach to naming and organizing offices. For example [Firm Name] - Accounting Dept.

The naming convention doesn’t matter all that much, but you should first seek to understand how users relate to offices, and how services may be limited between offices (depending on your pricing plan) before you go too far in the office organization process.

The diagram above illustrates how individual users belong to offices.

For Subscribers on Small and Regular Pricing Plans

Small and Regular Pricing Plans allow individual offices to sign up for as many individual services as they wish.
The diagram above illustrates how different offices can be subscribed to different services.
Services are tied to offices, therefore users can only see and interact with the services and data their office subscribes to.
The diagram above illustrates how users can only access the services their office subscribes to, if the firm is on a small or regular pricing plan.

For Subscribers on Jumbo Pricing Plans

Jumbo Pricing Plans include access to all available services for all offices within a firm.

This means that a user associated with one office could access the same services and data as a user associated with another office.

The diagram above illustrates how office-level limitations to services do not apply when a firm subscribes to a jumbo plan, since all offices have access to all services.

Current Subscribers

If you are new to CasePortal but already have an account with Courthouse News / CNS Plus, then you may discover there are already offices associated with your firm, and users associated with those offices.

If you have firm admin permission, you can reassign existing users to existing offices however you like.

If you would like to rename or delete offices, please contact our subscriber support team.