How to Generate a Billing Report

Step 1: Navigate to the Billing Reports in CasePortal

The above is an example of where a user with Office Admin privileges would access billing reports. If you are a Firm Admin, the billing reports section will be listed under Firm Management. 

Step 2: Choose a Type of Report to Generate and Select the Report Period

You have the option to generate a report based on document purchase history, Dinger setup history or Tracker setup history.

For this example, I will be generating a report using document purchase history. The data outputted will be different for the other two reports but the setup is similar.

You can either select a preset report period from the dropdown list OR customize your own date range using the date pickers.

Step 2: Filter by User/Group and Generate Report

To run the report as is, you can keep the selection set to the default "All Users" or you can choose a user or user group from the picklist and then click the "Generate Report" button,

Once you click the "Generate Report" button the data will load for your review.

Step 3: Export report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF

Upon click, the report will immediately download to your computer where you can review it locally.