November 22, 2023

CasePortal version 1.237.0

This release included the following updates and fixes:

  • The case details panel is now fully scrollable, not just the bottom section, so that if a case happens to have a very long title, users can still access the rest of the case details and docket sheet
  • When editing an office, users with administrative privileges can update the following fields:

    Address, Country, State, City, Zip, Pays Pricing Plan?, Pays for all Ad Hoc Charges?

  • A bug was resolved that was preventing users from clicking through to the next case in the case details panel


November 21, 2023

CasePortal version 1.236.0

Now when you delete a user who has created a dinger/report/tracker, you are presented with a warning modal and given the option to transfer ownership to another user


November 17, 2023

CasePortal version 1.235.0

Users can now export a filtered list of Dingers. For example, if you chose to see only Dingers created by users in your office, you can export that list to Excel.


November 15, 2023

CasePortal version 1.234.0

In this release we've made a couple updates to administrative functions in CasePortal:

  • The ability to un-delete a user from user actions has been re-instated
  • If a user has applied filters to their user registry, if they choose to download the list to Excel, the file should only include the filtered list of users
CasePortal version 1.233.0

In this release, we've updated the way the search time line works across all libraries. The default timeframe is "all time", but if a user changes that timeframe to one of the other quick selections, that selection will persist as a search preference.


November 13, 2023

CasePortal version 1.232.0

To avoid confusion, the price for creating dingers will always be shown, even when is $0.


November 9, 2023

CasePortal version 1.230.0

Users can now export the hit history of any dinger into an Excel file.

CasePortal version 1.229.0

This release included some minor aesthetic updates to the user interface.


November 8, 2023

CasePortal version 1.228.2

This release included the following updates:

  • Users with Office Admin status can now create Custom Reports
  • Files that have been purchased and downloaded and but have since been deleted from CasePortal are clearly indicated in the document download billing report
  • We've added a custom date range to the dingers case history hits view


November 6, 2023

CasePortal version 1.225.0

This release included the following updates:

  • In the Custom Reports view, we've added a new column: Type. Identifying which library the custom report is associated with can be done at a glance
  • We resolved a bug that was allowing Limited Users to download documents when entering CasePortal via a notification email

November 6, 2023

CasePortal version 1.225.0

In this release we updated the search filters in the Civil Litigation and Opinions libraries to include the number associated with a given NOS.


November 2, 2023

CasePortal version 1.224.0

For those with administrative privileges, there is a new section in Billing: Invoice History. All invoices can be searched by date or invoice number and downloaded directly from CasePortal

This release also included the following updates:

  • In all the Dingers and Reports list views the column heading was changed from Subscribe? to My Subscriptions to better describe the information below
  • The "alert me about updates" option on Dingers is set to yes by default
  • A bug was resolved that occurred when bulk moving recipients, only one recipient was moved as opposed to the group


CasePortal version 1.219.1

This release fixed a bug that was preventing documents from being downloaded and dingers from being created when billing reference fields were deleted.

October 26, 2023

CasePortal version 1.218.0

When viewing search results in card view, users can export the results to PDF (as opposed to to Excel when in table view).

CasePortal version 1.217.0

This release included the following updates:

  • The court selector has been customized for each library based 
  • A court dropdown has been added to the tracker billing report
  • Dingers can only be created once a new search query has been executed


October 25, 2023

CasePortal version 1.215.1

The custom report court limit was increased to 500.


October 24, 2023

CasePortal version 1.215.0

We've updated the docket sheet when a case is in a state court that supports trackers but doesn't retrieve files when the docket is updated. This allows users to track such case AND also message reporters to request file retrieval.


October 23, 2023

CasePortal version 1.214.0

This release included the following updates:

  • The location of the Court of Federal Claims was moved so that it may be located more easily when using the court selector during a search
  • An advanced search tip has been added showing an example of targeting the Nature of Suit field in a case record


October 20, 2023

CasePortal version 1.213.1

In this release, we added a limit to the number of courts permitted per custom report so as not to overload recipients' email clients with 1000s of incoming cases.


October 19, 2023

CasePortal version 1.212.0

This release resolved a bug within the new Judge Finder feature (to be released shortly!)


October 16, 2023

CasePortal version 1.211.1

This release resolved a bug with the calendar widget used to define a date range when conducting a search query.

CasePortal version 1.211.0

This release included an update to the add recipients views across dingers/reports/trackers. The total count of available recipients and current recipients is displayed at the top of the list.


October 12, 2023

CasePortal version 1.209.0

Users with Firm Admin privileges can export a list of users from a single office within the firm or  firm-wide.


October 10, 2023

CasePortal version 1.208.0

This release included some minor updates to the user interface when viewing dinger list views.


October 6, 2023

CasePortal version 1.206.0

When users export a billing report from CasePortal, all billing reference fields will have their own columns for easier sorting and bookkeeping. 

CasePortal version 1.205.0

We have updated the search in all libraries so that when a user switches from table view to card view, the search inputs persist.


October 4, 2023

CasePortal version 1.204.0

Users with Firm Admin privileges can now update the name of and delete a Custom Report.


October 3, 2023

CasePortal version 1.203.0

In this release we updated the default date range for searches in all libraries to be "all time" and reader view has been renamed card view.


October 2, 2023

CasePortal version 1.202.0

Users with administrative privileges can export cases to Excel from any given Custom Report in CasePortal.


September 29, 2023

CasePortal version 1.201.1

This release included the following updates:

  • Bankruptcy case records now list the creditors in order by claim type (unsecured, secured, partially secured) and within claim type, from highest to lowest dollar amount
  • Users with administrative privileges  can now filter the Groups list by user


September 27, 2023

CasePortal version 1.198.2

This release made a minor update to the CNS Reports detail view and users can now opt to be alerted (again) when/if a case is updated when created or modifying a Dinger.


September 25, 2023

CasePortal version 1.197.3

This release resolved an issue wherein clicking a case details link from a CNS Report brought the user to the CasePortal homepage as opposed to the case details.

CasePortal version 1.197.2

This release improved the speed at which cases are checked against a firm's list of trackers ensuring that cases that are already being tracked are shown as such.


September 14, 2023

CasePortal version 1.195.2

This release resolved a bug that was causing docket updates to time out before fetching filings.


September 12, 2023

CasePortal version 1.194.0

This release included the following updates:

  • Users can export Opinions and Bankruptcy library search results to Excel
  • The filter panel only opens when modifying a Dinger if filters were originally applied to the search parameters
  • To avoid confusion, the Exact Match toggle is only available when a targetable field has been entered into the search field
  • UI updates to the Dinger panel


September 8, 2023

CasePortal version 1.190.1

This release fixed a bug that was causing an error to be thrown any time a user tried to export a past CNS Report.


September 7, 2023

CasePortal version 1.190.0

Custom Reports are live! Users with firm administrative privileges on the Jumbo plan can create custom reports in each of CasePortal libraries and these reports are available to view for all user roles.


CasePortal version 1.189.0

This release included updates in support of the forthcoming Custom Reports feature.


September 5, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.188.0

This release included the following:

  • Updates to success messages when adding and removing cases from a collection
  • Created on value now displays for Opinion case records
CasePortal version 1.187.0

This release included updates in support of the forthcoming Custom Reports feature.


August 31, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.186.1

This release resolved a bug that was a preventing a previously purchased document from re-downloading from the case details view.


August 30, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.184.0

Dinger groups are live! Users can now assign dingers to a dinger group, provided the notification option for the dinger is set to summary or both.


August 22, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.182.0

In this release, we updated the permissions for bankruptcy downloads for limited users.


August 17, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.178.1

This release included the following updates:

  • The billing reports, available for users with administrative privileges now includes purchases related to opinions
  • The "My Downloads" is now separated by document type: civil litigation, bankruptcy or opinion


August 10, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.175.0

We've added tool tips to alert users with limited permissions when an action is disabled due to their role.

CasePortal version 1.173.0

This release resolved a bug wherein resetting the columns of a given table wasn't returning the table to its default state.

CasePortal version 1.172.0

Users can now specify if they want their search query to be for exact matches only by flipping on  the Exact Match toggle below the search bar in all libraries.


August 6, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.170.1

We've updated the search tips to include examples of a complex query and an exclude in all libraries.


July 27, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.168.0

A new column/field has been added to the Civil Litigation search results: Type. This is used to distinguish between traditional civil cases and adversary proceedings.

CasePortal version 1.167.0

This release updated how short code and search suggestions are presented to the user.

July 20, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.163.0

Users with administrative privileges can now generate Dinger and Tracker history reports in CasePortal. this feature can be customized by date range, by office, and by user/user group.


July 7, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.161.0

This release resolved a bug that was preventing users from updating office info due to how the application was validating phone number format.


July 6, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.160.1

CasePortal has a "Product Tour" for users who may be new to the application This can be found on the home page:


July 5, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.159.0

This release included the following changes:

  • The bulk actions button available on a numbers of views was relocated for ease of use
  • The background color was updated from grey to white across the application
CasePortal version 1.158.0

This release resolved a bug that wasn't apparent to users, but was happening behind the scenes when a search with targeted fields was conducted.


June 30, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.157.1

This release included the following updates to the Bankruptcy library:

  • All instances of "petitioner" have been changed to "debtor" and as such the short code for targeting that field in a search has also been updated
  • Users can search for "type" as a targeted field


June 28, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.156.0

Dingers now support card view! When viewing your dinger list in any library, you can switch to card view and scroll though all visible dingers and quickly see the details of how that dinger is set up.


June 23, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.155.2

This release fixed a typo on the court selector.


June 22, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.155.0

A new section has been added to the Reports menu in CasePortal: Coverage. Users can quickly see which courts are covered by which service.

CasePortal version 1.154.0

This release updated how a user downloads a bankruptcy file in CasePortal.

CasePortal version 1.153.0

This release updated the court selection modal. Users can now filter courts by Federal, District and Circuit courts.


June 17, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.152.2

This release resolved an issue in the court selection modal that was preventing the user from scrolling down the list.


June 16, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.152.0

This release updated the CasePortal experience when on a mobile device.


June 15, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.151.0

This release resolved a bug that was causing an error when users attempted to download a previously downloaded docket that had since been deleted.

In addition to the above bug, the office creation form has been updated to include activation information and billing preferences. 


June 14, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.150.0

This release included a minor copy update to the paper filing request submission view.


June 12, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.148.0

Users with administrative privileges can now generate and export a detailed report for their organization’s document purchase history.


June 7, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.147.0

This release included the following:

  • A new filter has been added to CNS Reports and Custom Reports. Users can now filter both types of reports by whether or not they have recipients
  • When a case has been deleted and it was being tracked, or was in a Dinger hit, or included in a report, that case will be highlighted in red 


June 5, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.145.0

In this release, we added case type to both table and card view.


May 25, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.144.1

Users with administrative privileges can filter users within their office/firm by status.


May 25, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.143.0

This release resolved a bug that was causing the last updated time to not display on docket sheets.

In addition, docket sheet updates are now listed from newest to oldest


May 24, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.142.0

This release included improvements to CasePortal making it more optimized for mobile devices.

CasePortal version 1.141.0

This updated included an update to the court selection screen.


May 19, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.140.0

This release included the following:

  • Additional case details now display in the card view of search results in all libraries
  • Users can easily clear applied filters using the "Clear Filters" button


May 16, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.139.0

This release included the following:

  • Updates to the appearance of the docket sheet and manual request form for paper filing cases
  • Updates to columns in the Bankruptcy search results


May 11, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.138.3

This release resolved a bug that was causing the application to crash when a user paused a tracker. 


May 10, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.138.1

CasePortal now has collections! Users can create and manage collections of cases. Stay tuned for sharing collections.

CasePortal version 1.137.0

This release included an update to how the application handles case records and accompanying documents in opinions behind the scenes.


May 5, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.136.0

This release updated how offices are listed in firm management. The default order is now alphabetical.


May 4, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.135.0

This release standardized all tables in CasePortal to have up to 100 rows, allowing users to move quickly through data sets.

CasePortal version 1.134.1

This release included an update to the advanced court selector in the civil litigation and opinions libraries. Circuit courts now have their own section and can be selected one at a time or by all. 


April 27, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.133.0

This release included minor UI improvements.


April 26, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.132.0

This release included an update to CNS Reports and now all users can view a list of past reports and users with administrative privileges, as previously released, can manage recipients and resend past reports.

CasePortal version 1.131.0

This release included a body of work in support of an upcoming feature that will allow users to create and share a collection of cases.


April 19, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.130.0

This release addressed an issue when users attempted to update the docket sheet of a case in a court that was no longer active in the system. Instead of displaying a validation error, the user will now see a message indicating that the court is no longer being actively covered and further updates are not available.


April 16, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.128.0

This release updated the way errors are presented to the user when a dinger or tracker creation fails or in the instance that a search produces no results due to a bad query. 


April 14, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.127.2

This release included updates made in support of a forthcoming administrative feature set related to purchase history. Stay tuned!


April 13, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.126.0

This release included updates made in support of a forthcoming feature set related to billing. Stay tuned!


April 6, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.125.0

This release resolved a bug that was preventing users with administrative access from viewing the services page of offices belonging to certain firms.

CasePortal version 1.124.0

In instances where docket sheets are updated manually, the update docket feature will be disabled. 


April 5, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.123.1

Advanced filters can now be applied to a Bankruptcy library search. Users can filter their search query in the following ways:

  • By one or more courts
  • By one or more petitioners
  • By one or more creditors
  • By liabilities range
  • By assets range

In addition to the above update, users can copy a direct link to an opinion or share a case via email. Additional details have been added to the case details view: city, state and nature of suit (where applicable). 


April 2, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.121.0

This release introduced a detailed breakdown of user statuses for those with administrative privileges.


March 30, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.120.0

This release focused on courts that submit paper case files as opposed to electronic. The impact on CasePortal is as follows:

  • If a docket sheet has an existing entry, the update docket function will not be available as no further updates to the docket sheet will be made
  • If no docket sheet exists, users can request a manual update to receive a complaint PDF
  • If another user has already made a manual request for a PDF of a complaint, the pending request will be visible in the docket sheet section of a specific case so that a redundant request cannot be made


March 27, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.119.0

This release removed a redundant administrative page for firms on a Jumbo plan.


March 24, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.118.1

Advanced search tips for all 3 libraries in CasePortal have been further updated with examples of combined complex queries.


March 22, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.117.0

This release involved an update to a soon to be released feature. Stay tuned!

CasePortal version 1.116.0

Users with administrative privileges can now do the following with CNS Reports:

  • View the number of times a report was sent over the past 60 days
  • Preview a specific report that was sent and see the cases included and the recipients of that report
  • Export cases that were included in a specific report
  • Resend a specific report to one or more recipients


March 16, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.115.0

This release included further updates to the search tips for the Bankruptcy library.


March 15, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.114.1

This release included the following:

  • Bankruptcy files, if available, can be downloaded directly from the search results, both card and table views
  • An update was made to the performance of filters across CasePortal


March 13, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.113.0

Users can now name their Trackers making them easier to identify and locate. In addition, users with administrative permissions have the ability to universally hide deleted users and offices.



March 3, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.111.3

This release resolved a bug that was causing the application to crash when users attempted to update the docket sheet of a given case.

CasePortal version 1.111.2

This update included a minor update to how scrollbars present in certain modals.


March 2, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.111.0

This release included the following:

  • Users can now select "all time" from the quick pick date range when searching all of CasePortal's libraries
  • A minor update to bulk actions in the user management module that enables only actions that can be applied to the entire set of selected users and disables actions that cannot be applied
CasePortal version 1.110.0

This release added billing reference fields to the "create dinger" modal.


February 27, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.108.1

This release included the following:

  • The search tips for all of CasePortal's libraries are easier to find and use. The link to access the search tips has moved from inside the search input box to above it
  • Introductory text has been added to further aid users when using the search libraries
  • Quick actions are quicker! For example, when clicking "Track" from the search results view, users no longer have to close the case details panel after creating a Tracker


February 17, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.106.0

This release included a minor update to a feature set currently in progress but not yet live. Stay tuned!


February 16, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.105.0

The search tips for all of CasePortal's libraries have been updated to better guide users in their searches.

CasePortal version 1.104.0

The case details panel now includes options to copy a direct link to that case or share that case via email with other CasePortal users.

CasePortal version 1.103.0

Firm Admins can now customize both optional and required billing fields for when users download documents, setup dingers and trackers, or run docket sheet updates.


February 15, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.101.2

Reports are Live! Users with permissions can now manage recipients of CNS Reports from CasePortal.


February 3, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.101.1

This release included minor improvements and a bug fix, wherein clicking "track" in the table view of search results did not load the "create a tracker" modal.


February 2, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.100.0

This release added the ability for creators of a given dinger to remove themselves from the email distribution list as long as there is at least one remaining recipient. This allows for users to create a dinger on behalf of or for the benefit of other users, but not be tied to the emails related to that dinger going forward.

CasePortal version 1.99.0

CasePortal now has Private Dingers! Users can designate any new or existing dinger they have created to be a private dinger. Private Dingers only appear in the Dinger feed to the creator and the recipients.


January 30, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.98.0

This release updated how some attributes were being captured in the civil litigation database.


January 24, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.97.0

This release included work in preparation for features related to CNS Reports for user roles Office Admin and higher. Stay tuned!


January 22, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.96.0

This release included an update to the search tips for the Bankruptcies library.


January 16, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.95.0

This release included a minor update to the look + feel of the history section on the home page.


January 05, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.93.0

The CasePortal home page has a new section: NEWS. Users can stay up to date with top stories directly from CasePortal.


January 03, 2023 

CasePortal version 1.90.0

This release introduced minor improvements to Office Management for Firm and Office Admins.


December 20, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.89.0

This release included a minor update to the search and results logic.

CasePortal version 1.88.0

This release resolved a small bug related to incorrect data being displayed when table columns are hidden/shown.

CasePortal version 1.87.0

This release included some minor usability improvements.


December 19, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.84.1

This release resolved a bug that wasn't updating the Docket sheet information when users scrolled from case to case.

CasePortal version 1.84.0

This release included some minor usability improvements.


December 8, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.83.1

This release resolved a bug that was disabling certain courts from being selected during Dinger creation.

CasePortal version 1.83.0

This release included addressed some usability improvements.


December 7, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.82.0

This release resolved a small bug that was displaying an incorrect number of users within a firm.

CasePortal version 1.81.1

This release introduced minor improvements to User Management for Firm Admins.


December 5, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.79.0

This release introduced a card view for the Bankruptcy library.

CasePortal version 1.78.0

Office and Firm Admins can apply bulk actions in the User Management section. This allows management to quickly update the status, user role and location of multiple users at once.

CasePortal version 1.77.0

This release standardized the rendering of dates across the platform and added the ability for Firm Admins to set registration preferences for users within their firm.


November 23, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.76.0

This release included improvements to the targetable fields in CasePortal's Judicial Opinions search.


November 21, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.75.1

This release included some data cleanup as well as some minor updates to the Opinions views.


November 9, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.74.0

Users with certain permissions can view, create and modify Bankruptcy dingers.


November 8, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.73.2

This release included some minor usability improvements.


November 4, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.71.4

This release resolved a bug that was preventing the calendar widget to work when the user was accessing the application via Safari.


November 2, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.71.1

This release resolved a bug that was causing CasePortal to crash when a user accessed the application using Safari.


October 27, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.71.0

Office and Firm Admins can view a list of all subscribed, previously subscribed and expired services.


October 26, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.69.1

This release resolved a minor bug that was causing firm office data to display incorrectly.

CasePortal version 1.69.0

The CasePortal Bankruptcy Library is live! Users can now conduct searches of bankruptcy filings.


October 21, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.67.0

This release included a few minor updates for users with certain permissions.


October 13, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.66.0

Users can now quickly clear filters wherever applicable.


October 7, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.65.1

This release resolved a bug that was causing dinger recipients lists to update even when an error was generated.


October 5, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.64.0

CasePortal has a new home page!

Example of CasePortal's new home page

From the new home page, users can quickly access CasePortal's civil litigation and judicial opinions libraries. The home page also lists the user's recently viewed cases and downloads, so the user can conveniently pick up where they left off.


September 28, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.63.0

This release of CasePortal gives users the option to quickly scroll through both dingers and trackers within the details panel. Additionally a docket link has been added to the tracker list view to allow users quick access to case details.


September 15, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.61.0

This release allows users with certain permissions to bulk update the recipients of custom reports.

CasePortal version 1.60.0

This release included several usability improvements.


September 14, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.59.3

This release included updates for users with certain privileges to manage reports and updated a bug related to the date picker.


September 8, 2022 

CasePortal version 1.58.0

This release addressed a handful of bugs:

  • Incorrect Docket Date - Now dockets display the correct "filed on" date, previously the date was being transformed to the user's time zone which was causing incorrect dates to display
  • Issues with Sorting Search Results - Clicking on a column header was "breaking" the search results. Now only sortable column headers are clickable
  • Regular Users Granted Edit Privileges - Regular Users were able to modify Trackers that they did not create. Now Regular Users can only modify Trackers that they have created
  • Update Tracker Button Clickable Before Changes Are Made - If you went to update a previously created Tracker, the Update Tracker button was ready to be clicked even before you made any changes